Sonarqube public URL context

I am currently hosting a Sonarqube Developer instance and have it implemented into azure DevOps. I use more or less the setup as it gets described in the documentation and it mostly works as expected.
However I am hosting the Sonarqube instance on a url like This setup is done through a nginx reverse Proxy, so sonarqube internally listens to localhost:9000 (or whatever Port I set it to listen to). Now If I create a Pull Request in Azure DevOps everything works well, however on the Pull request the Sonarqube instance will leave comments, which contain links to to the sonarqube instance. These Links are of the form http://localhost:9000/coding_rules.... Is there an option to make sonarqube aware of it’s public url so it can comment using the public URL in the comments? I was looking at, however this seems to be te IP on the machine Sonarqube shall listen to.
Also is there a way to disable these comments completely?


You can set the " Server base URL" on the Administration page.


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