SonarQube pricing

We want to use SonarQube for our website, we have, C#, JavaScript and SQLServer code. We want to use Developer edition, but little bit confused with Price structure.

For example let’s say I have 10,000 lines of code and analyze 2 times using SonarQube.
Will it cost for each analysis on number of lines? or
Will it cost only on number of lines with n number of times analysis?

Also how many developer can use SonarQube on a single instance?



This is not based on analysis lines (total number of lines analyzed, ever) but on project lines (total lines in the biggest branch of each project). Analyze your 10k LOC project once or 100 times, it’s still only a 10k LOC project.

The number of developers is unlimited.


thank you Ann

Hi Anna,/

Do you have any free tool to find linesofcode in .net website?

Hi Kavitha,

Yes. That’s SonarQube.


Hi Ann,

I need Sonarqube sales persons contact number and email,we want to know few more details.Can you please provide us asap.

Thank you.


Just use the contact form. It’s actually a lot faster to go queue for the pool and be picked up by the next available person that to try to contact an individual directly (because life happens).


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