Sonarqube - PostgreSQL 13 support?

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We are planning to use the latest version of sonarqube community and we have decided to go with PostgreSQL as our backend DB. From docs we see that support is until PG 12, we then setup PG12 and the app works fine. Can we use PG13? with latest version of sonar. The app is just doing regular CRUD operations - so is it ok that we can use PG13 instead of PG12.

Reason for question: PG13 failover parameters doesnot requires a restart and the app is just doing normal CRUD operations. So it should not break the app right? Please let us now if we can use PG13.

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SonarQube v8.9 LTS (coming next week) will be the first version of SonarQube that officially supports, and is tested against PostgreSQL 13. Your milage may vary until then.

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Thanks !!

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