Sonarqube 8.4 postgresql version compatibility

I’m upgrading from sonarqube 8.0 to 8.4 via sonarqube zip file on centos.
DB is currently PostgreSQL 10.9, and PostgreSQL 10 is listed with a green check here:

I am getting the following error message in both web.log and sonar.log regarding the DB needing to be upgraded, but it doesn’t make sense to me according to the requirements listed on the sonarqube website:

The database must be manually upgraded. Please backup the database and browse /setup. For more information:

What version of PostgreSQL would I have to upgrade to? The error message doesn’t specify, and the sonarqube website provides incorrect information since it lists PostgreSQL 10, 11, and 12 all as compatible with the latest version of SonarQube currently.

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Hi, it’s the SonarQube database schema that needs to be upgraded. As specified in the log, you need to browse to /setup and trigger the migration.

Thanks @pierreguillot

The error message is actually wrong. It should say “The database schema must be manually upgraded at /setup” vs the current message which sounds like a DB engine update is required + the provided URL has nothing to do with a schema upgrade- the term schema isn’t even found on that page.

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