Sonarqube on prem, how to open for specific cloud access !?


we’re using Sonarqube Enterprise on prem.
New projects want to use cloud services and still integrate them into house solutions, means how
to open a Sonarqube on prem instance for only specific projects.
Is there any best practice advisory ?

I found this thread

is there something new in that area ? Guess there are more customers that are running on prem, but have questions about incorporating cloud driven projects !?


There’s really not much news here. Cloud services need to be able to interact with SonarQube, which means exposing them somehow to the cloud.

A few things to consider:

  • Using a cloud DevOps Platform doesn’t neccessarily mean your build agents have to be in the cloud too. They can be on-prem.
    • With that in mind, when using on-prem build agents, features like Pull Request Decoration still work, because the problem usually isn’t reaching from on-prem to the cloud, but cloud to on-prem.

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