DevOps Server (On-Prem) to SonarCloud deployment/scans

Many companies have their own on-prem servers that host their code.
It would be a valuable addition to be able to deploy/scan code stored in DevOps Server (On-Prem) to the SonarCloud service. This reduces costs for maintaining and Running the extra servers needed.

Currently, the there is a limitation with a large on-prem architecture to only on-prem SonarQube servers, and Cloud clients to SonarCloud.
I would like to request the Following at a minimum.

DevOps Server (On-Prem) to SonarCloud deployments/scans.

Hey Malan,

As long as your on-prem build servers can contact – you can send over your analysis! Things like PR decoration are trickier because SonarCloud would have to communicate to your premises… but that’s always going to be a tricky part of combining on-prem and cloud services. :man_shrugging: That’s why SonarQube really soars with organizations using on-prem ALMs.

Full SonarCloud integrations are focused on Cloud ALMs (, Bitbucket Cloud,, Azure DevOps Services).


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Problem comes, you cannot install the SonarCloud extension for DevOps “Server” (On-Prem Instance), You can only Install the SonarCloud extention on DevOps “Serivce” (Cloud)

We need the extension to support, DevOps Server(On-Prem) to SonarCloud.