SonarQube: Multiple languages in one project

Using SonarQube Developer Edition (trial) Version 8.5.1 (build 38104), which we are evaulating at the moment.

Use case:

  1. One bitbucket repository with mutiple modules (some C# , some java).
  2. Built on Teamcity in two different builds, that each generate a sonar analysis (using maven and .net CLI sonar scanner global tool from Nuget respectively)
  3. We would like to either
    a. Consolidate the two analysis’es into one project in SonarQube, and get one Code insight report on our Pull Request in BitBucket, or
    b. Have two projects in SonarQube, and get two Code insight reports for the one pull request in BitBucket

Would either (a) or (b) be achievable in the Developer edition?
We have tried (a), but the analysis on the one project gets overwritten, so we end up with only C# or java, depending on which is performed last.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hey there.

Better support for PR Decoration w/ Monorepositories is planned (although heads-up, it will be an Enterprise Edition feature).

While meaningful PR Decoration is going to be difficult to accomplish, you would benefit from Applications which will be available in Developer Editions starting in v8.6 (scheduled for the first few weeks of December). At least you can see the combined results of multiple SonarQube projects.