One repo, two projects, different languages


(Frederick Kuhne) #1


We have a single BitBucket repoository which currently contains two projects in separate folders. One for the API (C#) and one for the UI (Angular/TypeScript). The structure is Repo/API and Repo/UI

How can we utilize SonarCloud to run analysis on both of these appropriately and display results for both within BitBucket? The BitBucket repository only seems to allow linking to a single SonarCloud project.

(Fabrice Bellingard) #2

This use case is indeed not very well supported currently. The best option for now would be to link your repo to one SonarCloud project (for instance for the C# part), and to manually create another project in SonarCloud that is not bound to this repo so that you can run the analysis for the other part.

We plan to improve a lot the way we trigger analyses, especially to not heavily depend on the build system. This should allow us to support your configuration out of the box. However, I can’t give you any ETA - we just started discussing about this a couple of weeks ago.

(Frederick Kuhne) #4

Thank you for the response Fabrice. We look forward to the improvements. We had already done the two separate projects in SonarCloud, we’ll just have to remember to manually check one of them to see results.