SonarQube license issue


I have recently installed SonarQube on OpenShift (single instance) and activated the license.
Under Administration->Configuration->License Manager it says: Edition: Developer Edition

This information is correct, I bought the developer license. However, when I navigate to Administration->Marketplace and filter using the keyword “c++”, I am shown the cpp plugin, which I cannot install. It says “Available under our commercial editions”.
When I try to install the plugin via API, I get the following message back:
SonarSource commercial plugin with key 'cpp' can only be installed as part of a SonarSource edition

According to SonarSource sales, I have a license (the developer edition) which should entitle me to install this plugin. So what is going wrong?

I have this issue with the following plugins: cpp, plsql, swift.

Any help is appreciated.



These plugins should come preinstalled with the edition (hence no ability to install/uninstall it through the Marketplace or API). What happened to the plugin that came installed with the edition?


Hi Colin
This is strange. I’ve installed the following package:
$ sha256sum

After installation, where was no plugin installed and also under Administration->Configuration->General Settings->Languages, there was no language listed in the drop down box. Only after installation of some plugins, I can now see some languages in this drop down box.

Is this a known issue with the ZIP file I have downloaded? (perhaps you forgot to bundle this release with some plugins?)


Any updates? Help is appreciated :slight_smile: