SonarQube license issue


I have recently installed SonarQube on OpenShift (single instance) and activated the license.
Under Administration->Configuration->License Manager it says: Edition: Developer Edition

This information is correct, I bought the developer license. However, when I navigate to Administration->Marketplace and filter using the keyword “c++”, I am shown the cpp plugin, which I cannot install. It says “Available under our commercial editions”.
When I try to install the plugin via API, I get the following message back:
SonarSource commercial plugin with key 'cpp' can only be installed as part of a SonarSource edition

According to SonarSource sales, I have a license (the developer edition) which should entitle me to install this plugin. So what is going wrong?

I have this issue with the following plugins: cpp, plsql, swift.

Any help is appreciated.



These plugins should come preinstalled with the edition (hence no ability to install/uninstall it through the Marketplace or API). What happened to the plugin that came installed with the edition?


Hi Colin
This is strange. I’ve installed the following package:
$ sha256sum

After installation, where was no plugin installed and also under Administration->Configuration->General Settings->Languages, there was no language listed in the drop down box. Only after installation of some plugins, I can now see some languages in this drop down box.

Is this a known issue with the ZIP file I have downloaded? (perhaps you forgot to bundle this release with some plugins?)


Any updates? Help is appreciated :slight_smile:

I just installed the sonarqube-8.2 docker image, and have the exact same issue.
Help is welcome, my SonarQube developer license is useless to me now…

hi @Maxime_Vincent

I was able to solve the problem:

Community plugins plugins can be installed through public mirros and the sonarqube api/marketplace:

However, plugins that only run with a commercial license (such as the developer edition)
cannot be installed via marketplace. They come pre-bundled with the SonarQube ZIP file.

Thanks SonarQube for using two different distribution channels…

The problem is, that in our deployment, we override the path $SQ_HOME/extensions/plugins/
with a persistent volume. Consequently, the pre-bundled plugins are no longer accessible by

The solution is to check at every start of SonarQube whether the commerial plugins have
been installed or not. If not, the plugins are fetched from a local mirror which has been
populated manually with the required plugins.

hope this help you as well…


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Thanks @pat !
I did manage to solve by manually copying over all the plugin *.jar files (from the developer release .zip file) to my docker container, after that, the plugins started working.

@Maxime_Vincent you’re welcome! Nice work :muscle: