Sonarqube is slow since update to 8.4.1

Hi Team,

We were previously on Sonarqube 8.3 with and we have migrated to Sonarqube 8.4.1 and using MSSQL Express DB.

Upgradation took almost 4 hours to complete, Now the SonarQube is super slow, it is taking a very long time to load the pages.
Few of the analyses are also getting failed too.

Running analyses from VSTS, Azure DevOps.
SonarQube Edition: Enterprise Edition

Error log:

Did not find anything in the Event log.

Please suggest how to resolve this issue.



After upgrading to a new SonarQube version, you need to update the statistics of your database, as explained in the Additional Database Maintenance section of :

Refreshing your database’s statistics and rebuilding your database’s indices are recommended once the technical upgrade is done (just before the very last step).


Thank you for the quick response @julienlancelot
I will follow steps from this:

I will update you.

Performance seems to be improved now.


Good news, thanks for confirming that you’re issue is now fixed !

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