Sonarqube in enterprise product

Hello Dear Team,

I am new to Sonar community , please someone help to suggest if i can use SonarQube for enterprise GE product . some technical information on product:

  1. Product name is GE digital extensive used in Oil and gas customer
  2. Developed in .NET framework
  3. For developer .NET tool is open from Meridium framework from which developer can open and customize from any m\c .

Please guide me on how we can use Sonat Qube for my project.

Jatin W


Did you check SonarSource and SonarQube websites?
FYI analysis of vbnet and C# is free, you can get it with Community Edition of SonarQube.
Feel free to check also SonarCloud, there if you want to keep your project private you will need to buy a subscription.