Sonarqube helm chart change default admin password

Hi, I’m trying to change default admin password using the helm chart’s set configuration. I set the account.adminPassword to the new password and account.currentAdminPassword to “admin” which should be the default password.

This doesn’t work though. Did I miss anything?

Hi @zacktzeng ,

Hmm this should work. i just tested this on a EKS cluster with

  adminPassword: NewAdminPassword1
  currentAdminPassword: admin

there should be a job called change-admin-password-hook. can you confirm that this job did run and terminated successfully?

Thank you it worked!! Though it also worked without the current admin password field. That’s weird…

Glad that it’s now working for you.
just for reference; if you don’t define currentAdminPassword the default password is chosen in a best effort attempt.

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