How to disable change password navigation after login default cred admin/admin

I have deployed the official soanrqube-lts helm charts
I am able to login sonarqube ui using default credentials admin/admin then it navigate to the change password page.
Here i want to disable the change password request after login with default credentials.Could Please help me on this how restrict not to go to changepassword page.

Hello, you can’t: there is no mechanism that allows you to skip this step after a fresh install.

But it’s only asked once. Once you configured your admin password, that’s persisted in the database. Your pods can be rescheduled, the new password will still be valid and registered into the database. As long as you keep connecting to the same database, you won’t have to do it again.

Just to add to the answer of @pierreguillot that there is a post install hook that can change the password directly after the deployment. Maybe this is what you are looking for @pjaggu1

  adminPassword: YourNewSecretAdminPassword
  currentAdminPassword: admin
curlContainerImage: curlimages/curl:latest
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Thank you

Hi @DefinitelyNotTobi @pierreguillot @Colin

I am using below section in override.yaml for not ask/navigate the update you password .But the adminPassword(refer below screen shot) is not working when i try to login with that after deploy hel charts. i am able login by using admin as a password. Please help here how i can use my ownsetup password(not admin) at the time initial login of sonarqube(using sonarqube-lts helm charts)


Its working now .Thank you