SonarQube Gitlab Integration

I am trying to configure sonarqube with gitlab following this tutorial:

However when I enter the personal access token in I get the following error:

Could not parse GitLab answer to verify read permission. Got a non-json payload as result.

What am I missing?

Hi, you can turn SonarQube logs to DEBUG to have more details in the log files about what happens.

How do I change the log level to DEBUG?

I updated and set all the log levels to debug. Restarted the docker container but the log level is still showing INFO.

When I go to create a new project from gitlab I am also seeing the following errors:

Hi, you most likely have your GitLab URL misconfigured, or a proxy in between causing the issue.

Are you using, or an on-premise version?

I have both sonarqube and gitlab running in docker containers.

I access gitlab via this URL:

This what I have in my settings:

Your Gitlab API URL is incorrect. it should point to the Gitlab API. Something like http://your-ip:85/api/v4

You can check that the API URL is correct by opening in your browser (while authenticated).

I updated the URL and that issue seems to have gone away.

I have a simple project with a simple source file + some test code.

Now I am seeing this: