How to debug connection to gitlab?

I am trying to connect a local gitlab instance to a local sonarqube instance (8.6.1). But when I try to connect, I get the error “Could not validate GitLab url. Got an unexpected answer.” anyway to see specifically what sonarqube received so I can debug?


Hi, you can turn SonarQube logs into debugs and try again.

@pierreguillot nope that didn’t work. Even in trace mode, I just get the following output. Logs don’t even show that it failed or anything.

DEBUG web[AXe2I5tPwhfZxY4hAABr][GitlabPrHttpClient] get projects : [https:///api/v4/projects]

Is this the exact output? Because the endpoint is incomplete here, the domain is missing.

Actually forum removed my edit.
DEBUG web[AXe2I5tPwhfZxY4hAABr][GitlabPrHttpClient] get projects : []

I’ve got the same using version 8.7
2021.03.03 13:25:15 DEBUG web[AXfyqnCarFTtSXKqAAJA][o.s.a.c.g.GitlabHttpClient] get projects : [https://gitlab.toto.local/api/v4/projects]
2021.03.03 13:25:15 DEBUG web[AXfyqnCarFTtSXKqAAJA][] ValidationChain: -1029890067, -1330823468, -208493772
2021.03.03 13:25:15 DEBUG web[AXfyqnCarFTtSXKqAAJA][] TLSHandshake: gitlab.toto.local:443, TLSv1.3, TLS_AES_256_GCM_SHA384, -208493772

Access token has API permission.
I can’t find any error message.