Sonarqube - Gitlab Integration


i deployed Sonarqube Developer Edition to Openshift 3.11 via Docker Image. Installation and other things went well. But when i try to integrate Sonarqube with our internal Gitlab it gives some errors. I doubt about SSL certificate because we’re using local certificate for GitLab. So i increased log level to trace in order to see if i can see something meaningfull to me. Bu nothing about SSL. Here you may find the logs output. Any opinions appreciated. Thanks

2021.02.10 11:45:44 DEBUG web[AXdyTZpdb4sK4CLsAKmm][GitlabPrHttpClient] get projects : []
2021.02.10 11:45:54 TRACE web[AXdyTZpdb4sK4CLsAKmn][o.s.s.p.w.UserSessionFilter] Thread[http-nio-,5,main] serves /
2021.02.10 11:45:54 TRACE web[AXdyTZpdb4sK4CLsAKmn][sql] time=0ms | sql=select p.prop_key as "key", p.is_empty as empty, p.text_value as textValue, p.clob_value as clobValue, p.component_uuid as componentUuid, p.user_uuid as userUuid from properties p where p.prop_key=? and p.component_uuid is null and p.user_uuid is null | params=sonar.forceAuthentication
2021.02.10 11:45:54 DEBUG web[AXdyTZpdb4sK4CLsAKmn][auth.event] login failure [cause|User must be authenticated][method|BASIC][provider|LOCAL|local][IP||][login|]
2021.02.10 11:45:56 TRACE web[][sql] time=1ms | sql=select uuid, doc_type as docType, doc_id as docId, doc_id_type as docIdType, doc_routing as docRouting, created_at as createdAt from es_queue where created_at <= ? order by created_at desc limit ? | params=1612957256520, 10000


Could you be a little more explicit about that? I don’t see any errors in the log snippet you’ve provided.