Integrating GitLab and SonarQube


Using sonarqube version

I am trying to integrate SonarQube with Gitlab

Here are my configuration settings:

I have added certs to the cert store in SonarQube but I am still receiving the error message found in the attached web log. (5.1 MB)

I am stuck here, any help would be greatly appreciated.


I know we usually ask for the full log, but nearly 1M debug lines is a lot of logging! :sweat_smile:

There are a lot of connection timeout errors in this log, but I guess you’re talking about the PKIX error at the end? The internet is telling me there are multiple possible causes. Maybe your cert isn’t stored properly in the right JRE. Maybe you’re using a self-signed cert, maybe intermediate certs are missing. Anyway, the cause here is going to be outside SonarQube.


Thank you, I figured out what was going on here. I used another tool that told me exactly what was wrong with my cert. After I fixed it, SonarQube did not have any issues with my cert. We can close this one.