Sonarqube fix vs new issue

I have a project which is a micro service based and there are basically 12 repository in my project. I am using sonarqube for scanning them every time a code check-in and tries to merge to master branch.

I have set it up using my build pipeline. But I am more interested in seeing, for example I have a branch name test-branch and merging to master.

Previously master has 4- high, 2-Medium, 3-Low severity issue. Now when I raised PR and merged against master then lets take an example 2-High, 1-Medium, 1-low severity issue fixed means practically the number should be changed to 2-High, 1-Medium, 2-low but its remain the same because the new code has 2-High, 1-Medium, 2-low issues with it. I want to track this

How to do it in SonarQube


Welcome to the community!

I’m a little confused. What are you trying to track?


Hi Ann,

I want to track the number of fixed issue vs number of newly created issue against each PR raised in through Sonarqube on my code repo


PRs report - in the DevOps platform decoration, IIRC - and in SonarQube the numbers of

  • New issues
  • Accepted issues (added and not fixed)
  • Fixed issues

This is readily available in the UI and via the APIs.