Issues fixed in a PR/branch

How can I identify which issues are fixed by looking at the PR/branch?

I found a post from 2019 stating that this feature was not supported at the time. And another post from 2020 asking similar question for branch analysis specifically that received minimal answer. Has there been any change in the last five years?

This situation is becoming problematic for our team. During the PR review process, we frequently encounter questions about seemingly unrelated changes, only to learn that these changes address “old code” issues that became “new code” issues due to other modifications in the PR. These interactions are time-consuming, especially since there is no straightforward way to identify and share the exact SonarCloud issue rule with reviewers once the issue is fixed. Typically, one must navigate the SonarCloud UI, locate the line in question in the master branch, and look up the rule number manually.

As a team manager, I advocate for the “Clean as you go” ideology, which sometimes incurs unexpected costs. Developers often struggle to foresee which old issues will resurface while working on new bugs or features, complicating the effort and completion date estimation. If the PR clearly showed the number of fixed issues at all times, it would serve as an indicator of the amount of “clean as you go” effort in any given PR. This transparency would help avoid unpleasant conversations about estimates and deadlines.

I suspect this will turn out to be more of a feature request rather than a question that has an answer that can actually help me today so I’d like to also ask whether this feature request can be captured for the purpose of collecting interest/votes.

Hey there.

We actually implemented this in SonarQube, and I imagine it will make its way into SonarCloud eventually.

I’ll flag this for a PM who might be able to more authoritatively state if it’s coming, or at least record your interest to help us prioritize. :slight_smile:

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