Overall Code summary for PRs

In a PR that was created to fix sonarcloud issues in the “Old Code”,
How can I see if the issues that I’ve fixed have actually been fixed?
(Before merging the PR to master)

Is there a way to get the Overall Code summary for PR’s?
Or can I disable the New Code feature for PR’s so I can see the PR fixes have actually fixed the Old Code?

Hey there.

It’s not possible to see if you’ve fixed issues other than those raised in the PR. To see all issues on your PR branch (and deduce if an issue was fixed), you would need to analyze said branch as a long-lived branch. It’s a pretty clunky solution, I admit.

There’s a card on our roadmap about seeing issues fixed on PRs that you can add your feedback to here:


Personally, I would love to see us work on this at some point.

Thanks Colin.

About analyzing the PR branch as a long-lived branch;
My PR branch name being: POV2-5-fix-sonarcloud-issues
I’ve updated the Long-lived branches pattern to: (POV2|branch|release)-.*
Yet the PR branch is still listed under the Long-lived branches.
Did I miss something?

P.S. I’ve added feedback to that card.

Hi @Colin,
Could you kindly provide some input to my last question?