SonarQube exception Policy


In SonarQube, there are instances where we cannot address certain issues promptly, leading us to create exception tickets for such cases. However, it is challenging to track which issues are marked as exceptions. Do you have any features that would assist us in effectively monitoring and identifying these exceptional issues?

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you may use the web api /api/issues to get the issues by resolution (i.e. WONTFIX …).
see documentation https://<yoursonarhost>/web_api


To add to this, you can add issue tags which allow you to filter either via the UI or the Web API.

Combined with an issue comment pointing to the ticket, this might help you track these!

Thank you for your reply. I believe marking the issue as ‘WONT FIX’ could be helpful.

Can we set a specific time for it? For example, if the issue is postponed for 30 days and marked as ‘WONT FIX,’ will it automatically be reopened when the countdown is completed?