SonarQube Enterprise Edition 9.8 - Okta SCIM not working


Following this document:

But it shows error (attached), any idea how to fix this?


Hey there.

Another user faced a similar issue

Which of these did you do to enable SCIM support?

To enable SCIM provisioning in SonarQube, do one of the following:

  • In your configuration file, set the sonar.scim.enabled server property to true .
  • In the SonarQube UI, go to Administration > Configuration > General Settings > Authentication > SAML and activate the SCIM users (de)provisioning option.

I did this via the UI. The key thing was that I was passing the username and password/token (username:token), rather than just the token itself as the username (token:). Once I corrected this, it all worked as expected.