Sonarqube Enterprise Devops Integration with Bitbucket Cloud at repository level


We are trying to set up Pull Request Decoration for our Sonarqube projects
Going through documentation

we found the only way of doing it is creating an OAUTH consumer under Bitbucket Cloud workspace
which then will give Pull Request read only access to the entire workspace (including all repositories
contained in it)
The question is would it be possible to have a configuration to integrate Sonarqube with Bitbucket Cloud but at a repository level instead using Access Token or some other mechanism that will limit
Sonarqube access just to a specific Bitbucket repository?
If not, would this feature be considered for a future Sonarqube version ?

Thank you looking forward for your response

Hi @gniculesculayrisse,

Welcome to the Sonar community! Thank you for your question/suggestion. I will share it with @Christophe_Havard who is our Product Manager in this space.


Hi @gniculesculayrisse and welcome to our community :slight_smile:

the Oauth consumer at workspace level is the only way we offer for now.
There is no plan for now to improve this part with Bitbucket. However, I will register your suggestion in our internal tool and consider it for further update :slight_smile:

Kind regards,