Sonarqube download don't work - Page Loading Error -

it’s not a product bug but a download problem.
I’m new in the forum and have already searched vor “download” & “download problem” without a hit.
So i open this under Report a Bug, please move it if i have chose the wrong section.
2021-01-21 and 2021-01-22 i have tried to download:
and for testing, if only this package is affected, also:
For both i get a network time limit error in the browser.
Both URLs be navigated by pressing the related buttons on
Also is not reachable.

Hi @samaitguy and welcome to the community :wave:

this might have been a temporary failure. i can access and download the file in question, so can you try again now?


thanks for the quick response.

Now I can download it.

Maybe one of the kind of errors, that is gone when someone take a look on it, without doing anything (daily business)

Do I have something to do in the forum to mark the topic as solved?

Regards, olaf keil

possible :smiley:
i marked your comment as the solution so this toppic will be closed 7 days after the last reply.

have a good day

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