Download site has changed!

Hi all,

We switch recently from Bintray to our own download site.
Be aware that new base url is now instead of
All paths and versions of sonarqube and plugins supported by SonarSource have been preserved.


It did cause me a moment of confusion as this of course happened while I was fixing two other failures on a CI pipline that had prevented my Sonar Scanner job running for a couple of hours. Thankfully you had posted updates to the documentation promptly so I could find where the files had run off to.



I am trying to download the below binaries. But looks like “” site is down. Could you please help me to download that SonarQube Community Edition LTS 6.7.5?


Hi, is in a good shape. I don’t see any problem on our side.

Hi! So I’ve noticed that doesn’t appear to support path MTU discovery. This makes it… difficult… to download from places that have unusually small MTUs, in particular, in docker-in-docker containers. I know I’m 18 months late to the party, but maybe this is something someone could look at? It’s probably just a slightly overzealous firewall somewhere that’s blocking the ICMP errors.

same here, huge latency when downloading sonar cli from a build using docker, so we are trying to cache file somewhare else for faster builds