Cannot download SonarQube community edition on Linux

Hi Team,

I am trying to download the SonarQube community edition on Linux but it’s showing me the below error:
[root@localhost opt]# sudo wget
–2023-01-30 15:17:29--
Resolving (… 2600:9000:2039:da00:1:530e:4a80:93a1, 2600:9000:2039:9000:1:530e:4a80:93a1, 2600:9000:2039:400:1:530e:4a80:93a1, …
Connecting to (|2600:9000:2039:da00:1:530e:4a80:93a1|:443… failed: Connection timed out.
Can you please suggest me something over there?

Thanks & Regards

Hey there.

I can’t reproduce this. Are you still facing the issue?

Hi Colin,

Thanks for the Response, It’s resolved now.

Thank you have a good day!