Sonarqube does not get user info from crowd after update to 9.4

  • We are using Version 9.4 (build 54424) developer and crowd addon 2.1.3
  • After upgrading from 8.9.6 to 9.4 we cannot login with crowd users any more
  • I noticed that the server initially connects to crowd without problem according to the log

INFO web[o.s.p.c.CrowdRealm] Crowd configuration is valid, connection test successful

  • When I start tcpdump on the crowd server I see no traffic at all coming from the sonarqube server when I try to log in with a crowd user, I do see traffic when I restart sonarqube and the log says the connection to crowd is ok.
  • this is the error I get in the sonarqube server log:
    DEBUG web[][auth.event] login failure [cause|No user details][method|FORM][provider|REALM|Crowd][IP||][login|]
  • I added this to but it did not help: sonar.plugins.risk.consent=ACCEPTED
  • According to the documentation the addon is compatible with this sonarqube version.

Updating the crowd addon to 2.2 fixed this, I think the documentation is incorrect Plugin Version Matrix | SonarQube Docs

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Thanks for the ping. We haven’t been contacted by the Crowd plugin maintainers to add any more recent versions to the Marketplace. But I’ll update it to mark the version we do have incompatible after 8.9.

Thx again!

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