SonarQube docs down - unscheduled maintenance

Hi all,

We need to let you know that the SonarQube docs site is down temporarily for some previously-unscheduled maintenance. It should be back up some time tomorrow. Sorry for the inconvenience.

We’ll update this thread as we have more news.

If you have access to a live SonarQube instance, you have access to embedded documentation specific to your version.



Thanks for letting us know.

Thanks for notifying


Hi all,

It looks worse than we thought. Docs probably won’t be up until the end of the (European) day on Wednesday.

Sorry for the inconvenience. And again, if you have access to a running instance of SonarQube, then you have access to on-board docs specific to your version of the server. Just look under the question mark:


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Want to confirm - The Scanners downloads are also unavailable until Docs are fixed?

Been looking for that repository.

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Hi @ganncamp We upgrade the SonarQube to 8 LTS version on Sunday. Looks like there was a change in API parameter for api/measures/component from componentKey to just component. Can you help me find the Jira ticket # for this. With the docs being down, I am unable to get to release notes to find this info. Appreciate your help. Thank you

Welcome to the community, @sthilaire! Technically the scanner downloads are still available. You just can’t get to them because we don’t post the download links anywhere else. :joy:
(Okay, yes. I know that’s only funny to me.)

I guess you’re looking for the vanilla SonarScanner? This should help. If that’s not the right flavor, look for the appropriate scannerXXX.json file here.

@sagarvs, you can find the release notes on the download page.


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@ganncamp - Thank you. That was helpful.

Yeah. I need the download too (.NET).

Thank you… This helped.


The maintenance activity is proceeding according to plan. We are expecting the webpages to be available again by EOB today.

Best regards,
Silviu Asandei


Aaaand… We’re back up. Thanks for your patience everyone!



Hi Ann!

Thanks for your effort!

We were just browsing the documentation and we found that LTS is pointing to 7.9 version instead of 8.9.

We suppose this is just a side effect of the unscheduled maintenance. Just to let you know.

Thanks and best regards.

Thanks @acalero! We noticed it in our testing and made a note.

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We can simply refer to the “8.9” documentation as the same as “8.9 LTS” correct?

Are any documentation updates from LTS point releases (8.9.1, 8.9.2 , …) incorporated into the “LTS” branded documentation or is it “as originally released” ?

Hi @ianw,

Yes, the ‘8.9’ docs are the same as the ‘8.9 LTS’ docs. We just missed the label update procedure in the restore.

Point releases generally don’t need docs updates, but if they do, we will just overlay the current docs for the version.