Sonarqube displays 0.0% duplication on new code

  1. Trying to get duplications on new code to be displayed in project dashboard.

    • On PR, sonar scan runs and analyses.
    • Duplication on new lines is shown as 0.0% though I can see duplicate code blocks ranging more than 10 lines of code for a .cs file scanned.

What seems to be causing this wrong display of percentage for duplicate lines of new code ? How can I fix this ? Is this legit 0.0% duplication ?


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What’s your version of SonarQube? I’m looking at our internal dogfooding instance and seeing the duplication percentage taken out to 2 decimals:

IIRC, the front end does (used to do?) some rounding before it displays duplication percentage. For more precision, you might consult the Measures page:


Notice that the rounded percentage displayed here is the same 0.0% you’re seeing on the project homepage, but the lower-level metrics tell the story.


Thanks Ann. This gives me some clarity.


On latest run, There is no duplicate lines/blocks on new code so 0.0% is the Density.

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