Sonarqube database cleanup

Hey we are using sonarqube V7.1 with mysql 5.6 as database
We have already implemented the housekeeping. still we have observed that there are old entries in some of the database tables.
It is showing entries from 2017, we want to remove all the old data from all tables, so does the sonarqube provide database cleaning from particular tables only?

Hello @Bharat_Vyas,

First thing first:

Why not using the supported LTS version (7.9) or the current latest (8.2)? 7.1 is now quite old and was an intermediate version. You should move from MySQL and upgrade your SQ to 7.9.

Now about your report, the Housekeeping (a.k.a. database cleaning) does not necessarily remove old data, it removes them if they are useless. Not all old data are useless.

Does it make sense?


Hi Antoine

Sorry for the delayed response. Actually our live_measures.ibd and file_sources.ibd tables are taking almost 60 GB space of hard drive, we have enabled the Housekeeping but still it is not reducing the size of tables, it’s just keep increasing. So I have a doubt that whether it is removing the old unused data or not. Plus how it will find that particular data is useless or useful?