SonarQube MySQL Database Cleanup Issue

Hi All,
I implemented some script to call SonarQube REST API to delete old branches(somehow my old branches scan not deleted using Sonar long-lived and short-lived configurations on ‘Database Cleaner’), My Script successfully deleting old feature/bugfix/etc branches scan as expected. But It’s not clearing database space. Can someone suggest me, whether I have to perform some purge operation to reclaim database space?

SonarQube 6.7.5
MySQL database


You may find these helpful:


We are using MySQL database. We don’t have any index, re-index options. Can you please suggest a solution which works on ‘MySQL’ database.

Take a look at :wink:

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mysqlcheck -o <db_schema_name>

Helped me in reclaiming entire space, My database size was 80 GB now it optimized to 30 GB.

Thanks for your help

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