MySql Database clean up

We are using SonarQube Community Edition Version 7.1 (build 11001). We are using SonarQube since 2017. We didn’t cleared the database data since 2017. There are various tables and data available in the sonar database. We want to delete the data which are not interlinked with one another except the data that are inserted during past 6 months.

Could anyone help us out on how to proceed. We are out of memory.

Thanks in Advance !!


You don’t mention your database flavor. It’s possible that the “Additional Information” cleanup steps in the Upgrade Guide could help.


Hi Ann,

Sorry for the delayed response. We are using MySQL 5.6.41


Hi Subramanian,

Sorry, but I don’t know what to tell you in that case, except maybe to consult with your DBA to see if there’s any normal cleanup she can run.