SonarQube Connectivity issue with VS Code

I am stuck with the vs code connectivity with sonarqube .i have configured it using sonarlint extensionin VS Code and updated token details and project key as well but still for the existing code for dev which I used for testing it is not highlighting the changes like code scanning . Can anyone please suggest on this?

Can anyone please suggest on it

Hello, welcome to the community! And thanks for your question.

When there is an issue with the analysis of code in the editor, the “SonarLint Output” should show some valuable information about what may go wrong.

Could you please follow the instructions from the “Troubleshooting” page on the wiki, enable both “Show Verbose Logs” and “Show Analyzer Logs”, restart your IDE, and paste the contents of the “SonarLint Output” in a new message, enclosed in a ``` code block?


Hi Jean, while trying to enable the settings in vs code extension settings i am getting below error-

Hi Jean, Can you suggest?

Hello, thanks for coming back with additional details.

This looks like a generic VSCode error, not a SonarLint-specific one.

I would suggest that you directly edit the JSON settings (Command Palette > “Preferences: Open User Settings (JSON)”) and check whether there is any syntax error there.

You could also have a look at the IDE console (Help > Toggle Developer Tools) and check if there is any obvious error message there.