SonarLint; Update all project bindings to SonarQube/SonarCloud

I fail to install sonarlint with our instance in VSCode


Version: 1.65.1 (user setup)
Commit: 8908a9ca0f221f36507231afb39d2d8d1e182702
Date: 2022-03-08T02:06:27.846Z
Electron: 13.5.2
Chromium: 91.0.4472.164
Node.js: 14.16.0
OS: Windows_NT x64 10.0.18363
Name: SonarLint
Id: SonarSource.sonarlint-vscode
Version: 3.3.3

I have setup my connections to sonarqube like:

"sonarlint.connectedMode.connections.sonarqube": [

            "serverUrl": "https://sonarqube.url",
            "token": "qsdfqsdfqd"

and .vscode/settings.json

"": "C:\....\sonar-scanner-\jre",
    "sonarlint.connectedMode.project": {
        "projectKey": "projectToken"

I had JDK v8 so I update to another JDK superior to 11. I also add certificates to cacerts. I took the one provided by sonar scanner below.

I also test this with sonar-scanner on my machine and add the same certificates.

C:\...\sonar-scanner-\bin\sonar-scanner.bat and it works.


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What version of SonarQube are you connecting to?


Hello @THOMAS_PEDOT thanks for reporting this.

It looks like the extension’s language server has not started correctly (the SonarLint.UpdateAllBindings command is contributed by the LS).

Could you please share an extract from the SonarLint output around the time this issue appears? There might be a stack trace in there that can help us understand what is going on.

You can open it by executing command “SonarLint: Show SonarLint Output”.

Hello, sorry for the delay. I saw I had connection issues. It is now fixed. Thanks!

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