SonarQube Community with CodeScan plugin and SonarLint


Does SonarLint support highlighting issues discovered by CodeScan plugin which is installed in SonarQube Community (on-premise) that supports Apex scan?

I would like to highlight the Apex issues in my IDEs (VS Code, Visual Studio 2019 and Intellij) and I am using for that SonarLint connected to SonarQube projects.

It was working for SonarQube Enterprise Edition as far as I can remember but now I am about to use it on Community Edition. My tests failed due to incompatible version of SonarQube and SonarLint, I have asked team to update SonarQube but I will take ages so I hope the community can help me answer my question :slight_smile:


Hi Maciej,

SonarLint has some SonarSource analyzers pre-loaded, and works for other SonarSource-supported languages in connected mode. In Community Edition Apex is not a supported language, so even though you’ve found a community plugin for it, you won’t see those issues raised by SonarLint.


Thanks @ganncamp

Now it’s clear.


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