Unable to analyze Apex code

Hi @Julien_HENRY I am also running into the same issue. I can scan JavaScript but cannot scan for APEX.

IDE: Visual Stuido Code (VS Code)
Plugin: SonarLint
Mode: connected Mode
server: SonarQube (Local) - Enterprise
configured: sonarlint.connectedMode.servers, sonarlint.connectedMode.project

please let me know recommended settings or plugin for SonarLint for Apex (VS Code)

Hi @snraomailbox

In order to help you, I will need you to provide SonarLint logs. Please open the SonarLint output, clear it, then trigger Update all project bindings command. Collect the logs and share them with me (send me a private message if you fear they may contain sensitive data).

Then clear logs again, open an Apex file, and it should trigger an analysis. Please share logs of the analysis.


Hi, the issue has been resolved (plugin installed on the server was CodeScan - Salesforce). thnx.

Great, thanks for letting us know.