Sonarscanner for Salesforce Project in APEX

Hi Team,

Need help in scanning the Salesforce project which is in APEX language. Tried to follow the document but the details are not completely mentioned.

Can someone please help with the documentation on how to scan the APEX-related projects?

Thanks in advance.

Sandeep V

Hey there.

  • What DevOps platform are you using (GitHub, Bitbucket, Azure Devops, Gitlab…)
  • Did you follow the tutorial in the SonarCloud UI after creating a project?

Hi Colin,

Thanks for your reply.

Basically we are trying to scan the code repository which is in Bitbucket. Normally there is no issues with Java or Python related projects. Sonar cloud scan is working fine. Even the documentation provided by the sonar is straight forward. However the APEX language there is no complete details mentioned.

The tools used are:

  1. Code Repository: Bitbucket.
  2. CICD: Bamboo

Please let me know if anything else is required.

Sandeep V

There’s no meaningful difference between how you would analyze say, a Python project, than an Apex project. It’s just executing the sonar-scanner against a repository of code.

What happens when you try to analyze Apex code the same way you’re analyzing Python code?