SonarQube Community Edition sonar.branch Query

** SonarQube version >8 (Docker Image) , Community Version*

** what i am trying to achieve :*
To analyse SAP hybris Project , using sonar ant task using community Edition of latest sonarQube.

** what i have tried so far to achieve this :*
Since SAP Commerce Cloud uses ant as a build system , thus i am using ant sonarcheck command to analyse project in GITHUB which is not for master branch.

Problem Statement :
I am new to sonarQube and i came to know community edition latest version doesnot support sonar.branch.

I have sonar.xml provided by default in SAP hybris , which has sonar.branch property.
So i commented out :

1. Will this work now for branch other that master ?
2. I want to analyse only 1 branch (not master). Is this possible with community edition ?


What the old sonar.branch parameter did was essentially had a new project key for your branch. You pass in


And analysis would munge that into sonar.projectKey=mykey:mybranch to preserve key uniqueness & not overwrite your main project with your branch analysis. Soo… your Community Edition workaround without that parameter is to do the munge yourself.