SonarQube code Analysis

We are on SonarQube version 7.3

  1. The scan results were publishing appropriately until last Friday. But someone did the bulk edit in SonarQube and changed the resolution status to “Fixed”. We tried deleting the branch from SonarQube but still running rescan does not generate any results in SonarQube

  2. How do we do a force scan for all the files to recreate a new dashboard for the same project? Anyway we can provide any scan parameter to do a fresh scan and create the issues.

  3. Also in the scan log we see that language force is js and other files types are ignored. Where is the language force setting? How do we override in


A re-analysis should re-open issues that aren’t actually fixed in code. By default, all analyses include all files (unless you’ve set exclusions / inclusions). If this is not happening, then please provide analysis logs and possibly project/branch screenshots.

Somewhere in your settings you have sonar.language=js. You’ll need to find and remove it. Possible places this could be set: in your properties file, on the command line, in your global scanner settings, in your env variables(? this last one I’m not sure about).


Which step of the Analysis creates “”. How do we create that file.? We are using the manual config mode and “stand alone ways of scanning” in our ADO pipeline.