Instead of analyzing forced language sonarscanner analyzing all languages

SonarQube version=8.6
SonarScanner version=4.5
And in properties folder sonar.language=… is also updated
Still not forcing the language. But Execution was success and analyzing all languages

Hi @Vignesh,

sonar.language is a deprecated and unused analysis parameter. It was removed in SonarQube 7.7 due to SONAR-11449. You have to remove the language suffix manually from the project or global level.

For example, if you are only analyzing C++, you can configure sonar.c.file.suffixes globally for your entire SonarQube instance by navigating to Administration > C/C++/ObjectiveC and removing .h from the C language suffixes. Otherwise, this needs to be done on a project-by-project basis.


Thanks.But still I didn’t understood. I wan’t to analyze only java language. How to do it? And what I need to do with that junit?

You don’t actually need to configure a language. The sonar scanner will handle that for you. For Java, if you are using Gradle or Maven, you should use the Sonar scanner for Gradle or Sonar scanner for Maven.