Sonarqube Bundled Plugins

Current version sonarqube 5.6.6.
Linux RHEL 6.7
I’ve read the upgrade notes but didn’t find an answer to the questions below:

I am upgrading to 6.7 on our way to 7.9. I see the bundled plugins in …/lib/bundled-plugins, but nothing in …/extenstions/plugins. Do I need to copy the bundled plugins to the extensions/plugins directory or put just additional plugins there?

What if I want a new version of a bundled plugin? Do I have to delete it from the bundled-plugins directory and then put the new version in the extensions/plugin directory?


The bundled plugins will be installed automatically in the plugins directory at startup. If you want a plugin upgrade, the easiest thing to do is to manage that through the Marketplace post-startup. You can, of course, upgrade manually, but doing it through the Marketplace ensures you don’t install a known-incompatible version.

Good luck on your upgrade path! Let us know (probably in new threads :slight_smile:) if you have more questions.