SonarQube behind IIS Proxy - Azure AD - Override Microsoft authentication


I’m using newly SonarQube Community version It’s installed on Windows Server 2012R2 and the BD on SQL Server 2016. I’m running SonarQube behind Microsoft IIS Proxy.

My problem comes when I try to integrate Ad Azure authentication. Once activated, a button for Microsoft Authentication appears. By clicking on the button, it should forward to Microsoft login page ( what happen by connecting directly to the server locally), but by passing throw the IIS reverse proxy, its keeps bring me back to the login page each time I click on the button.

Can anyone help ?



I find a solution for that problem, it looks like the IIS reverse proxy use the URL in the header to redirect by default, In order to allow keeping the information in the header ,we need to disable the “Reverse rewrite in response header” that is located within the Application Request Routing setting :

  => IIS => Application Request Routing => Right click => Server Proxy setting => Uncheck the option "Reverse rewrite host in response headers".

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