SonarQube with IIS https and AD Authentication using SAML login problem

  • SonarQube 9,3 (build 51899)
  • Trying to achieve AD Authentication using SAML using reverse proxy setup with IIS using TSL certificate (https)
  • I have setup a reverse proxy in IIS following a guide I found, I have a certificate installed so that https could be used. I have setup the connection to our AD SAML service and provided all the information in SonarQube Admin, the IIS site is only accepting request to port 443. And I have changed the SonarQube port to 80.

The problem is that I get this login prompt every time I try to acces SonarQube and even if I provide my user name and password, the login promp pops again and ask for credentials.
Is this a problem someone else also have experienced and maybe has a solution for?