Sonarqube background task processing time

SonarQube server 8.9.6
Windows 10

Hi, we’ve upgraded to Developer Edition Version 8.9.6 (build 50800) since January 2022
and lately have been noticing an increase in the duration of background tasks in our sonarqube server.
Usually, our project process in 2 to 4 minutes but we have seen it average
double-digit times (10 minutes +) and some tasks take up to 45 minutes. The also increases
our pending queue and pending time. Our IT support have checked the server and did not see
any issue with the cpu, memory or disk storage.

What are some tuning recommendations we can investigate?
Is there a log somewhere of all the background task processing times? The background task page
seems to only keep up to a certain period.

Hey there.

Processing of background tasks heavily relies on the performance of your database. What database engine are you using to back to your SonarQube server (SQL Server? Postgres?) and how is it doing with regards to CPU/Memory/Disk space?