How to solve this problem?

I’m using SonarQube 8.9.10 Developer Edition, Scanner 4.6.2, Plugin)

Hey there.

It’s possible that your background task (the processing of the analysis report) is taking a long time to complete. What do you see in your project-level Administration > Background Tasks? How long is it taking for the processing to complete?

It taking really too long.Over 8 hr.I don’t see anything to stop.How can I escape from this error?

It’s not possible to cancel an in-progress background task – but you can try to stop/start your SonarQube instance.

If the background task is taking a long time – the culprit is likely poor performance of your SonarQube server or the database it’s connected to. What database platform are you using with SonarQube (the embedded H2 database, postgres, oracle, SQL server?)

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