SonarQube AWS ECS Fargate

I created a new ECS Task with the sonarqube:enterprise image and according to the logs, the app is starting and connected to Database, but when I attempt to access it from the public IP, I can’t connect.
I have provided path in the ECS Task Definition container. Not sure where to provide this path “/opt/sonarqube/bin/”

Here are the logs:
log-events-viewer-result (1).txt (107.8 KB)

If SonarQube has started correctly (based on the logs, that is definitely the case!) then this sounds like a firewall/port issue you need to sort out, rather than something about the entry point or pointing to a different script.

Hi @Colin ,

Thank you,
We moved from Windows machines to AWS Fargate. In Windows, we used to add the plugin in the extensions\plugins directory. Now we have Fargate, where we have to add a plugin. Can you please help?
Also, In Fargate there is no folder for logs where we can see separate es/sonar/web file logs. Is there a way I can separate these logs in Fargate?

Hey there.

We don’t have experience deploying to AWS Fargate – but likely you need some kind of kind of persistent storage/dedicated volumes you can access, where you will find the logs, the place to store extensions, etc.