AWS ECS / Fargate sonarqube 8.8 container

*Using SonarQube version 8.8 (community edition docker container)
*PostgreSQL 12.5 on AWS RDS

I would like to get SQ version 8.8 running on AWS ECS using Fargate. We obviously don’t want a cluster, just a single instance. I would rather not use EC2 since I would have to patch the instance more frequently than the Docker container running Alpine.

Has anyone had any luck or documented what they did with more detail? I am still new to building out ECS and I did find the following article, but it seems like there are some gaps in information. Running SonarQube in ECS

The other issue is that I have to map to EFS by IP address instead of DNS (long story, its being worked on, but will not be resolved as soon as needed).

How did you go with this ?

Due to issue with our DHCP client config of DNS in our account, I could only use EC2 and add scripts to userdata. Now running SQ v8.9.1 and postgres 13.2. Let me know if you want more details.

Good to hear you found a path forward.

We have a complete fargate/rds/efs/vpc solution just about working. If you want some starter code let me know


Sure that would be great!

Hey @marc.teichtahl,

I’m in a similar situation and would be interested in taking a peek at that code of yours for your fargate setup if the offer still stands!

No problem. We are cleaning up a few sharp edges and should have something solid in the coming week.

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