SonarQube architecture, installation, & workflow videos

I wanted to share a set of videos that can be useful for understanding the moving parts involved in Sonar analysis with SonarQube as well as how to plan for your installation depending upon your scalability needs.

SonarQube Architecture & Scalability will help you understand the basic product architecture in all SonarQube editions as well as scalability features available with our Enterprise and Data Center editions. SonarQube Data Center Edition is a great follow-up if you know you need high availability and want to understand what’s involved in operating a SonarQube cluster.

SonarQube Scanners will walk you in detail through our scanner ecosystem so you can make the right choice for your project’s needs.

Installing SonarQube with Docker provides an overview of how to accomplish a basic containerized installation.


I’d like to follow up on this post and point out that we’ve adjusted in the direction of publically releasing and listing our videos on our SonarSource channel.

Some of the videos originally listed above have gone stale and we’ve added updated replacements. Feel free to search our channel for up-to-date videos on integrating Sonar with GitHub, GitLab, Azure DevOps, and more.