SonarQube analysis doesn't start Azure DevOps

Hi ,
I’m using SonarQube 8.8 on Azure DevOps.
It’s work just fine, I have analyzed severals applications. However i have a problem on one application :

  1. I configure my project just like usual, with the sonarQube tasks

  1. but when I run the pipeline I get this :

  1. But as soon as I delete de sonarqube tasks, everything work just fine. I think the error come from the fact that I have a TimeoutInMinutes : 60 . But I don’t why and I don’t how I should proceed.

Can you please help
And Sorry for my english

Have a nice day

Hey there.

Your english is fine. :slight_smile:

The SonarQube tasks require that Java is available (it’s a “demand” it has of the agent). Based on the logs it looks like you might have some build agents that have everything necessary installed, but maybe not all the ones available to you. Therefore, when you add the SonarQube tasks, it’s making you wait until one of those build agents (that meets the java demand) is available.

With what you know about your agent pools, does that sound possible?

Hey thanks for the quick response !

I just talk with my manager and actually the agent that we use for this app is the same that we use for the others applications (and it work just fine for the others).
So he thinks the problem is not related to the agent.

Do you have any other tracks ?

Hey @Colin_SonarSource
We find out that the problem may come from the fact that this is a silverlight application (unlike the others) .