Configuring Sonarqube analysis in CI build in VSTS

Hi All,
I am trying to run sonarqube analysis on code commit itself .
I have added 1) prepare analysis configuration and 2) run code analysis, tasks in CI build.
But I am getting an error :
" No agent found in pool mypool which satisfies the specified demands: msbuild visualstudio java
Agent.Version -gtVersion 2.119.1"

Can anyone please guide on what the issue is ?
Thanks in Advance !

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I have had this issue also. I am using SonarCloud though. I am confused about it because all of my agents are on 2.150.3? Is SonarCloud not compatible with the newest VS 2017 agent update?

Hi @blyman,

The SonarCloud tasks are compatible with the latest build agent. However, your build agents must be missing one or more of the capabilities demanded by the SonarCloud extension i.e. MSBuild, Visual Studio, or Java.

FYI the original poster asked the same question on StackOverflow and it was answered there.

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